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Color Chart


Fluropon® and Baked Enamel Standard Colors

The colors shown here are only a sample of thousands of colors available. Please contact Reliable for information regarding custom color matching.

Bone White (24)

Dark Bronze (75)

Portland Stone (49)

Light Stone (43)

Shelburne (69)

Forest Green (36)

Sandstone (67)

Herringbone (37)

Coronado Red (34)

Sahara Tan (65)

Stone Gray (78)

Ascot White (19)

Black (89)

Medium Bronze (72)

Taupe (52)

Pearledize 70 and Pearledize 50 Colors
We also have Pearledize 70 and Pearledize 50 pearlescent mica colors available.  The metallic sheen on these colors cannot be accurately represented via the internet; please contact Reliable and ask for a color card to see examples of these finishes.

*Dark Bronze (75)

*Medium Bronze (72)

*Champagne Brz (71)

*Bright Silver (88)
*Clear 204R1 & 215R1 (00)

*Warm Silver (96)

*Asti (86)

*Copper (92)

*Coral Reef (93)

*Blue (05)

Factory finishes by Reliable are designed for low VOC emissions and eliminate the risk of VOC emissions found in louver finishes that are applied on site. All Reliable manufacturing facilities operate in full compliance with all applicable air permitting regulations. All facilities maintain ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems which include VOC emission reduction strategies including state of the art spray equipment and operator training.



Reliable Superior Finish: 70% PVDF paint finishes provide maximum resistance against color fade and chalking. This carbon/fluorine bond, unique to the resin, when coupled with the finest inorganic pigments, produc(!s the most durable and long lasting finish in the industry. These finishes are resistant to most chemicals, acid rain , salt spray and general air pollution. Reliable offers a twenty­ year warranty on these finishes in standard colors on standard extruded aluminum products. All standard colors meet or exceed AAMA 2605-11. *

Before paint application, lou v ers shall be thoroughly cleaned and pretreated to assure maximum performance. Fluropon or PVDF finish shall be applied to prov ide 1.2 mils (30 m) factory applied, baked-on film in accordance with AAMA 2605-11* " Voluntary Specification Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for Superior Performing Organic Coatings on Architectural E x trusions and Panels". Color shall be Reliable (specify color name and number).

Reliable'S High Performance Finish: Acroflur or 50% PVDF finishes provide fluoropolymer benefits such as long color life and resistance to chalking and chemicals. For optimization of the price­ benefit ratio, they are appropriate coatings for today 's non­ monumental projects. Twenty- year warranty for standard color on standard extruded aluminum products is also available for Reliable' S Baked Enamel.

Louvers shall receive factory applied, baked- on Acroflur or 50% PVDF based color coating follow ing thorough cleaning and pretreatment of metal. The finish shall be applied at 1.2 mils (30 m) total dry film thickness in accordance with AAMA 2604-05† Section 4.2 and 4. 3. Color shall be Reliable (specify color name and number).

Preparation for field painting. Finish may be topcoated with epoxy, vinyl, urethane and other heavy-duty coatings within six months of application. Prime coat contamination always occurs before field painting and requires thorough field cleaning prior to painting.

Louvers shall receive prime coating following thorough cleaning and pretreatment of metal. Field topcoat with epoxy, vinyl, urethane or other heavy-duty coating within six months of application. Prime coat shall be a minimum of .3 ± .1 mils (8 ± 3 µm) thick.

Reliable's High Pearlescent Finish. Pearledize is a PVDF-based finish that utilizes pearlescent mica pigments to simulate the metallic appearance of anodized and metallic paint finishes. Available as Peartedize 70 (70% PVDF) and Pearledize 50 (50% PVDF), Pearledize 70 meets the AAMA 2605.11* specification while Pearledize 50 meets the AAMA 2604-05t specification. A twenty-year warranty is available on standard colors on standard extruded aluminum products.

Louvers shall receive thorough cleaning and pretreatment as described above. Pearledize coating shall be applied and baked to achieve a hard durable finish in compliance with either AAMA 2605-11* or AAMA 2604-05† as selected and specified. Color shall be Reliable (specify color name and number).

Electrolytically deposited coating on aluminum: The color anodize process specified in Aluminum Association Code AA-C22A44 electrolytically deposits inorganic color pigment finish to a 0.7 mil (18µm) minimum surface depth on sulfuric acid anodized aluminum. Treated aluminum is sealed to convert a freshly formed aluminum oxide finish to a corrosion resistant, inert condition. Available only on aluminum. Some shade variation may occur.

Louvers shall receive electrolytically deposited color anodized finish complying with Aluminum Association Code AA-C22A44. Finish is applied to 0.7 mils (18µm) minimum thickness onto chemically etched and pretreated aluminum. Color shall be Reliable (specify color name).

Clear oxide coating for aluminum: Clear anodize preoxidizes the aluminum surface for uniform clear finish not easily affected by natural oxidizing influences. Improved metallic luster appearance is similar to mill finish. 204-R1 (Aluminum Association Code AA-C22A31) provides 0.4 mil (10µm) minimum surface depth treatment recommended for normal weather exposure. 215-R1 (Aluminum Association Code AA-C22A41) provides 0.7 mils (18µm) minimum surface depth recommended for severely corrosive and abrasive atmospheric exposure. Both finish types available only on aluminum.

Louvers shall receive a 204-R1 clear anodize finish complying with Aluminum Association Code AA-C22A31. Finish is applied to chemically-etched and pretreated aluminum to 0.4 mils (10µm) minimum surface depth by a 30 minute anodizing process. Louvers shall receive a 215-R1 clear anodize finish complying with Aluminum Association Code AA-C22A41. Finish is applied to chemically-etched and pretreated aluminum to 0.7 mils (18µm) minimum surface depth by a 60 minute anodizing process.

Dimensions in parentheses ( ) indicate microns. Fluropon is a registered trademark of Valspar.
* AAMA 2605-11 is the most stringent performance specification for organic coatings or exterior aluminum finishes in the industry, requiring 10 years south Florida exposure.
† AAMA 2604-05 supercedes AAMA 605 and requires 5 years of south Florida exposure.
¨ Reliable's Fluropon-based finishes (Fluropon, Baked Enamel, Pearledize 50 and Pearledize 70) and prime coat finishes are provided by Valspar.

·Twenty-year warranties are only available on extruded aluminum products, and are subject to restrictions. Consult Reliable for additional information.